The Belgian way of live

Your new home will be in the middle of the historical city of Leuven near the famous City hall, a landmark building across the monumental St Peters Church.

You will often have the impression to be on holiday living in this area and especially in the Tiensestraat where the apartments are situated.The historical facades are beautifully renovated and lightened up at night. This street is full of restaurants and a coffeeshop where you can enjoy the Belgian way of live!

For a real Belgian restaurant there is only one place in Leuven: Troubadour. Probably older as street itself. If you like Italian pizza you can visit Ottomat, a cousy place or Barraca witch is a bit more fancy. The best pasta you can find at Osteria Michele.

Do you fancy a quick bite? Go to Croque and Roll for a tosti, Bavet for a Belgian spaghetti bolognaise, Huis der burgers for the best burgers in Leuven, Bia mara for authentic fish and chips and Balls and Glory for best meat balls in town.

If you prefer international kitchen you can go to Umamido, Sushi leuven and even a real Mexican and Korean restaurant. Have a home-roasted coffee in Madmum and do not forget to pick up your Belgian beer in the Belgian Beer Shop.

In leuven there are plenty things to do and you can find all the discovery trips right across the street at the Leuven leisure office.